A couple of pieces for around the place ... its not just financial markets feeling some heat:

Toyota news via Asahi

  • Toyota said last month that it would suspend operations on 10 assembly lines at nine factories out of a total of 28 lines at 14 factories in Japan for up to six days due to semiconductor shortages.
  • But after a review, the company expanded the production halt to 20 lines at 12 plants. The factories will come to a stop from May 16 to 21. The company said it will decide whether to continue to close plants on and after May 22, depending on the status of parts procurement.

More Toyota news, this time from North America:

  • Japanese automaker Toyota will reduce its North American production by 30,000 vehicles in May, adding to prior cuts as the company struggles with semiconductor-related parts shortages across its operations.
  • The cuts bring total lost production for Toyota in North America to 177,000-192,000 vehicles in 2022, and 442,000-537,000 vehicles since August 2021.

China apologists keep telling us the COVID-19 disruptions are no big deal. Zero credibility they have.

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