• Agreed at meeting on need to watch markets with strong sense of urgency
  • Recently seeing speculative, one-sided rapid yen moves
  • Recent yen decline cannot be justified based on fundamentals
  • The moves are clearly described as excessive volatility
  • Will not rule out any steps, ready to take action in FX market
  • All options are on the table

Some of the remarks here are harsher than expected, causing a brief dip in USD/JPY from 143.75 to 143.45 before erasing that drop now just minutes after. But despite the warnings, I reckon they are not yet drawing a hard line on the latest yen decline and we might only get that if there is a quick spike in USD/JPY towards 150.00.

For now, I would say the 145.00 mark as well as the 1998 highs closer to 147.00 are still tolerable.