The major US stock indices

are closing lower in trading today as debt talks muddle along without any progress. That gave traders a reason to sell overbought levels, and traders did just that.

A snapshot of the final levels is showing:

It was a big down day for the high flyers of late:

  • Nvidia fell $-4.88 or -1.57% to $306.88. Nvidia will announce her earnings after the close tomorrow the recent price I extended to $318.28 the highest level since December 2021
  • Alphabet fell $-2.49 or -1.99%
  • Microsoft fell $-5.92 or -1.84%
  • Apple fell $-2.73 or -1.57%
  • Meta which was up earlier in the day fell $1.58 or -0.64%

A big winner today was Broadcom which signed a multiyear deal with Apple for 5G chips for their iPhone. Shares of AVGO is closing up $8.13 or 1.2% at 686.50