The ANZ World Commodity Price Index fell 2.6% m/m in July

ANZ cite meat, dairy and aluminium prices all falling as global demand for these commodities weakened further.


As part of this monthly report ANZ look at global shipping prices:

  • Global shipping price movements were mixed in July. The Baltic Dry Index lifted during the month, whilst the Harper Peterson Global Index and the China Containerised Index both eased. Shipping prices are expected to remain relatively soft due to tighter global economic conditions reducing demand for goods, but any increase in fuel prices could put upward pressure on global shipping prices once again.



The ANZ New Zealand Commodity Price Index is a measure of the overall price movements of New Zealand's key commodity exports. It is published by ANZ Bank on a monthly basis and is based on price data collected from a range of sources, including industry organizations, government agencies, and commodity exchanges.

The index tracks the prices of 17 of New Zealand's major commodity exports, including dairy products, meat, wool, forestry products, and seafood. These commodities make up a significant portion of New Zealand's total exports and are important drivers of the country's economy.

The ANZ New Zealand Commodity Price Index is calculated using a weighted average of the prices of each commodity, with the weightings based on each commodity's share of New Zealand's total commodity exports. The index is expressed in both New Zealand dollars and US dollars, and is seasonally adjusted to account for fluctuations in supply and demand.