Deutsche Bank forecasts:

  • headline +150K
  • unemployment rate 3.9%
  • earnings growtht +0.2% m/m

Westpac on the September’s US nonfarm payrolls report:

  • will reflect moderating jobs growth
  • Westpac are forecasting that the unemployment rate will likely remain steady at 3.8% as supply for labour meets demand
  • The emerging balance in the labour market should see average hourly earnings lose some of its steam

Commonwealth Bank of Australia are expecting employment to have expanded strongly again given jobless claims remain low, as does unemployment. Forecasts:

  • headline 200K
  • jobless rate 3.7%
  • 4.2% average earnings y/y
Goldman Sachs are looking for nonfarm payrolls to be up 225k in February while the unemployment rate