Kim Jong Un is not happy that everyone is looking at META earnings (and the $40bn buyback.... yowza! ... META stock has jumped big time). KJU wants some attention. Via a statement from North Korean state media, KCNA:

Headlines via Reuters.

North Korea

  • Says situation has reached an extreme red-line due to reckless military moves by US allies
  • Says the US is going to ignite an all-out showdown with its military drills
  • Says it will take the toughest reaction to any US military moves
  • Says countering future US military moves can include overwhelming nuclear force
  • N. Korea is not interested in any contact or dialogue with the US as long as it pursues hostile policy
North Korea kim


ps. more on META:

  • earnings of $1.76 (shy of $2.22 expected)
  • revenues higher than expected at $32.17 bn (vs. expected $31.53 bn)
  • USD40 billion increase in share buybacks
  • forecast Q1 revenues of $26 bn – $28.5 bn (expected $27.25 bn)
  • Advertising revenue $31.25 bn (expected $30.86 bn)