Bit of a Friday p[ost this one!

The confirmed sighting of a giant African snail, an invasive snail species, has sent a Florida county into lockdown.

This snail is lit:

  • appetite for at least 500 different plants as well as paint and stucco
  • At four months old, a single snail can lay thousands of eggs at a time and each can grow to be 8 inches long as an adult
  • The snails are mobile — experts warn that they "cling to vehicles and machinery," plus trash, to "move long distances"
  • and resilient, with the capacity to survive for a year while "inactive" and buried in soil to shield itself from unfavorable weather.
  • They also present serious health risks to humans, as the snails carry a parasite called rat lungworm that can cause meningitis. People are advised to wear protective gear, like gloves, when handling them.

Apart from all that, everything is fine!

Info via here.

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