Equities are holding slightly higher with bond yields also up on the day, hinting at a calmer risk tone so far. S&P 500 futures are up 0.4% while 10-year Treasury yields are up 3.4 bps to 1.745% currently.

In the FX space, the dollar is in a bit of a mixed mood though as it keeps a light advance against the euro, yen and pound. However, it is down slightly against the likes of the loonie, aussie and kiwi.

The changes are relatively light so far though USD/JPY is making its way back up to just above 115.00 at the moment.

Elsewhere, oil is surging ahead as gains aren't letting up this week while gold is down 0.4% to $1,935.

It is still early in the day and as evident by yesterday's price action, sentiment can quickly turn as we continue to wait on further developments in the whole Russia-Ukraine war saga.

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