The Friday fix in London is over. There was some mixed moves.

  • The EURUSD and the GBPUSD moved higher after moving below the 100 hour MA for the EURUSD at 0.97212 and below the 200 hour MA at 1.1188 for the GBPUSD. The EURUSD is tradign at 0.9753. The GBPUSD is tradinat 1.1257
  • The USDJPY is trading near session highs at 148.46. THe price is trading at 146.34.
  • The USDCAD moved to a new session high at 0.6369. The price has moved above swing high resistance at 1.3837 to 1.3854.
  • The AUDUSD moved below the 100 hour MA in the NY morning session and moved to a new session low into the fixing at 0.6225 before bouncing. The pair trades at 0.6244 currently
  • The NZDUSD also dipped lower into the fixing and below the 100 hour MA at 0.5600. The low reached 0.5569 but is now bouncing up to 0.5587