The US stocks added to their woes today with declines across the board once again. The major indices closed lower for the 4th consecutive day. The Nasdaq is down -7.64% from the October 26 high. The S&P index is -4.91% from the November 1 high. The Dow is fairing the best with a decline fo -3.22% from its cycle high reached just yesterday.

For today, the final numbers are showing:

In the after hours, Starbucks is reporting better-than-expected earnings:

Amgen earnings beat on both bottom and top line:

  • EPS came in at $4.70 versus $4.44 expected
  • Revenues were short of expectations at $6.65 billion versus $6.56 billion expected

Warner Bros. earnings came in much worse than expected:

  • EPS $-0.95 versus expected $-0.21
  • revenues nine $22 billion versus $10.36 billion expected

Coinbase earnings were worse than expectations:

  • EPS $-2.43 versus $-2.40 expected
  • revenues $590 million versus 654 million estimate
  • transaction revenue came in at $366 million versus $480 million expected
  • monthly users came in and 8.5 million which is 6% below last quarter
  • Coinbase shares are down -0.9% sent

Doordash earnings came in mixed.

  • EPS came in at $-0.77 versus $-0.60 expected
  • Revenues $1.70 billion versus $1.63 billion expected
  • door – shares are up 13.42%

Paypal beat on the top and bottom line:

  • EPS $1.08 vs $0.96
  • Revenue $6.85B vs $6.8B
  • PayPal shares are trading at $67.72 after closing at $76.55. That's down around -10.8%

Twillio earnings come in better but the outlook for Q4 is weak

  • EPS comes in at $-0.27 versus $-0.36 estimate
  • revenues come in at 983 million versus 972 million estimate
  • company issues weak Q4 revenue outlook