Another day, another warning from the US.

Russia may attack various cities in Ukraine

  • US embassy in Moscow has issued advice on how US citizens can leave the country
  • FX markets are becoming a little numb to the constant alerts out of the US.

Other news out of the Russia/Ukraine tensions over the weekend:

  • Widespread fighting reported along the Donbas border
  • Also, Macron spoke with Putin and Zelensky. Biden then spoke with Macron. Media reports are that Macron sees a slight pullback in tensions after he spoke with the leaders of Russia and Ukraine. Until the next round of shelling I guess? In related news US President Biden was scheduled to head out of Washington for a family-related matter but the latest from the White House is that Biden will not be leaving Washington. This may indicative of expected developments on Russia/Ukraine in the hours or ahead. Or it may not. Fog of war and all that.