The major US stock indices are closing the day higher but major indices came off of their best levels on Russian fear after reports of a missile killing 2 people in Poland.

Indices moved quickly off their highs on the news, and traded to new session lows. However, the prices recovered on Russian denial and reports the missile was the remnants of a rocket shot down by Ukrainian forces.

The final numbers are showing:

  • Dow industrial average rose 56.0 points or 0.17% at 33592.91
  • S&P index was 34.5 points or 0.87% at 3991.72
  • NASDAQ index rose 162.20 points or 1.45% at 11358.42
  • Russell 2000 rose 27.95 points or 1.5% at 1889.20

Looking at the NASDAQ index, the high price reached 11492.62. That came about 23 points short of its 100 day moving average at 11515.29.. A move above the 100 day moving average would be required to increase the bullish bias.

NASDAQ moves closer to its 100 day moving average