Yesterday, the major indices closed higher across the board with the NASDAQ index up 321.73 points. The Dow industrial average rose 431.17 points led by banks and technology.

Today some of those gains are being erased. A snapshot of the market currently shows:

Target shares are sharply lower after reporting lower than expected earnings-per-share. Their stock price has fallen $55 or -25.38% at $160.59. That is the lowest level since November 2020. EPS came in at $2.19 vs. $3.08 expected

Shares of a Lowes are also moving lower with a decline of $-3.84 or -2.0% at $190.10 after they reported weaker guidance.

Walmart shares are also lower today by -3.88%. It has also traded below its 2021 low price of $126.28. The low price has reached $126.09.

Bank shares are lower as well with J.P. Morgan trading down -0.69%. Citigroup which rose sharply yesterday is trading down -0.54%. It was reported that Berkshire Hathaway had taken a position in Citigroup.