White House economic advisor Rouse says:

Secretary of State Blinken meanwhile says:

  • Russia has never been so isolated, we have never been more united
  • EU/NATO fully aligned on goals
  • Will continue to raise costs for Putin
  • Will never seek conflict with Russian
  • No fly zone have responsibility to ensure war does not sill over
  • only way to implement no fly zone is to send NATO into Ukranian airspace to shoot down Russian planes
  • Nothing is off the table, We are evaluating the sanctions every day
  • Immediate impact of reducing global supply of energy would be to raise prices at the pump for Americans and pad Russian profits with rising prices

Putin from Tass:

  • Signs law on criminal responsibility for fake information about actions of Russian Army
  • Signs decress on seizing assets of foreigners encroaching on the rights of Russians
  • Confirms criminal responsibility for calls for sanctions against Russia