There's a good thread out there by Paul Poast (@ProfPaulPoast) that outlines a couple of scenarios for how the current situation in Ukraine may play out. At this stage, it seems that everyone is resigning to the idea that Russia will be successful in their invasion. If so, what comes next?

The first scenario sees a potential for a foreign imposed regime change in Ukraine, under which Putin will seek to establish a pro-Russian regime in Kyiv. Ukraine will still be "independent", under Russian control obviously.

The second scenario is that we'll see the whole of Ukraine annexed into Russia i.e. state death. That's a distinct and rather sombre possibility - especially considering the day and age we are living in.

Other scenarios outlined by Paul are an 'imperial overreach' and a 'major power war' - both of which may have more ramifications for the world and global economic outlook. It's worth a read here.