CFTC commitment of traders: EUR longs remain near record levels

Technical Analysis

Author: Greg Michalowski | cftc

Weekly FX speculative positioning data from the CFTC

  • EUR long 197K vs 200K long last week. Longs trimmed by 3K
  • GBP long 7K vs 3k short last week. Positioned reversed to long.
  • JPY long 21K vs 27K long last week. Longs trimmed by 6K 
  • CHF long 15K vs 17K long last week. Longs trimmed by 2K
  • AUD short 3K vs 1K short last week. Shorts increased by 2K
  • NZD 4K vs 0K short last week. Longs increased by 4K
  • CAD short 34k vs 30K short last week. Shorts increased by 4K
  • EUR longs where trimmed modestly from record levels last week
  • GBP position turned long after being short by 36K at the beginning of June 2020
  • AUD and NZD speculative positions remain near square
  • CAD shorts remain the largest short position and increased by 4K this week

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