Major indices close near highs for the day

The European shares have rebounded after yesterdays move lower. They also are closing near their highs for the day. The provisional closes are showing:

  • German DAX, +0.8%
  • France's CAC, +0.7%
  • UK's FTSE 100, +0.6%
  • Spain's Ibex, +0.64%
  • Italy's FTSE MIB, +0.8%

In the European debt market, the yields are mostly lower with the exception of the UK 10 year which rose by 1.7 basis points:

Major indices close near highs for the day_

The snapshot of the strongest and weakest currencies continue to show the NZD is the strongest of the majors but off the higher value from the start of the NA session. The CHF has tumbled lower is now the weakest of the major currencies.

the strongest and weakest of the major currencies