Tests highs from Monday and Tuesday trade

The GBPUSD traded up to 1.3381 on continued hope that the UK and EU will reach an agreement on the Brexit divorce bill. The reports yesterday led to sharp moves up and down as the agreement was first denied. It appears there is an agreement.

Settling the divorce bill will next lead toward the Irish border issue which could be a more tenuous problem to solve.

The GBPUSD nevertheless traded up to test the highs at 1.3383 and 1.3387. The high today reached 1.3381. It is come back off as traders leaned against the levels. The price is back down toward 1.3360.

The GBP still remains the strongest currency of the day so far. The JPY is currently the weakest.

However, looking at the changes, the GBP pairs and JPY pair for that matter, are off extremes as traders lose interest in any idea of trending.

The ranges (see lower chart) are showing most of the pairs are barely moving.