Downside tested on the tech pattern everyone's watching

Leveraged, European funds and real money sellers are to blame for sending USDJPY down to the 119.63 lows according to traders over in Asia. They managed to trip some stops under 119.70 but didn't kick it too much lower and we pulled up at an old support level, and a few pips from the bottom of the wedge we've been watching for days

USDJPY H4 chart

One way or another we're going to move out of this pattern. Right now it doesn't look like we're going to get any firework breakouts and we were never guaranteed one anyway. The chances are that we'll just go sideways through the end and then we can all hit the delete button on it and move on. At some point we'll have a decent move as the range is narrowing and that usually means that the pressure is building. Buyers and sellers are pushing on either end of the spring and it will spring back eventually. All that remains is the trigger