European stocks ending higher. European 10 year yields mostly lower. Gold down. Dollar higher

As the London/European traders look to exit, what does the snapshot of the markets show:

  • German Dax rose by 0.5%
  • France's CAC rose by 0.4%
  • UK's FTSE rose by 0.12%
  • Spain's Ibex rose by 0.15%
  • Italy's FTSE MIB rose by a 0.44%
  • Portugal's PSI 20 rose by 0.41%

In the 10 year note sector in Europe yields are mostly lower:

  • Germany 0.363%, unchanged
  • France 0.696, -1 basis points
  • UK 1.292%, unchanged
  • Spain 1.515%, -4 basis points
  • Italy 1.809%, -2.7 basis points
  • Portugal 1.951%, -3.3 basis points
  • Greece 5.27%, +4.9 basis points

In other markets:

  • Spot gold is trading down -$16 or -1.25%. THere is talk that bitcoin is the new safe haven gold. Plus the dollar has moved higher which tends to depress the price of gold.
  • WTI crude oil is down -$.60 or -1.06% at $55.95
  • US stocks are trading higher: S&P index is up 3.9 points or +0.15%. NASDAQ is up 7.4.points or +0.11%. Dow industrial average is up 95 points or 0.41%
  • US yields are trading higher: 2-year 1.764%, +2.5 basis points. 5-year 2.088%, up 3.1 basis points. 10 year 2.368%, +2.5 basis points. 30 year 2.793%, +1.5 basis points.

In the forex market, the GBP is the strongest currency while the EUR is the weakest currency once again. The USD has moved higher in the NY morning session with the USDJPY trading at the highs now and the EURUSD moving back down toward the day's lows. The USDCHF and the USDCAD has also reached to new session highs in the last hour or so of trading.