US stocks trades around unchanged levels at the start of the day

Technical Analysis

Author: Greg Michalowski | sp

Last day of the trading year

The US major stock indices are opening around unchanged levels in early trading.
  • S&P index is trading up up 1.14 points or up 0.04%
  • NASDAQ composite indexes trading lower by -3 points or -0.04%
  • Dow industrial average is up by 6 points or +0.3%
Yesterday the Dow closed at a record high so any gaintoday will be a record for the year.

If the S&P is to close the year at a record it needs to close above 2690.16. 

For the Nasdaq to close at a record for the year, it needs to close above 6994.76.  It trades at 6947.57 currently.

Some winners today in early trading:
  • Home Depot up 0.31%
  • Disney up 0.18%
  • Mastercard up 0.71%
  • Visa up 0.32%
  • Microsoft up 0.19%
Losers include:
  • Amazon -0.42%. Pres. Trump criticized Amazon saying they pay way to little for postage at the US Post Office
  • Apple -0.64%
  • Netflix -0.16%
  • Twitter down -0.53%
  • Celgene down -0.47%
  • Goldman -0.68%
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