The USD is making new dollar lows vs the EUR, CHF, AUD and NZD.


The EURUSD has moved above the swing high from last Friday at 1.13332 and next looks toward the Thursday high at 1.13469. Move above that, and the Wednesday high at 1.13589.


The USDCHF moved down to test the near converged 100/200 hour MAs. The dual moving averages were a key barometer near 0.9222. The price has now moved below those levels and has moved down to a low of 0.92092 so far. The 100 day MA at 0.91992 (call it 0.9200) is the next key target on more selling. The 100 hour MA at 0.92238 is now risk for sellers.


The AUDUSD has now broken above the swing highs from last week at 0.71723, and a swing area from 0.71556 to 0.71723. That area is now risk in the short term. Stay above is more bullish. The next target comes in at 0.72071. That level represents the 38.2% of the move down from the October 28 high and also a swing low from November 23 and swing high from November 25 before moving to the year low at 0.6992 last week.


The NZDUSD moved above the 200 hour MA for the first time since November 9, 2021 today at 0.67969. That MA is now risk for longs looking for more upside. The price has just moved to a session high at 0.6818. The NZD is a currency whose central bank has started to tighten and will likely continue to tighten to slow growth/inflation. The 0.68374 is the next target with 0.6855 to 0.68611 after a target.