S&P Futures Technical Analysis for 05 July, 2022:

  • The stock market bulls may have started to stage a turnaround up, starting on 17 June. Even it would be a temporary one, it seems that the current bias is still for more upside for the stock market indices.
  • In today's technical analysis video for the S&P Emini futures, we begin by drawing the volume profile of the current price range, and then we determine where to place stops and where to take profits, based on price levels that take into consideration both the volume profile and the highs and lows of the most recent 4 hr and daily candles.
  • We further present trade ideas for your consideration, according to different reward vs risk levels, and their probabilities to succeed. Always trade the S&P 500 E-mini Futures at your own risk.

S&P Futures Technical Analysis for 01 July, 2022:

  • The S&P 500 E-mini futures (ES), despite the recent selling in the last couple of days, is, technically, still in a legitimate trading range and attempt for a possible rebound. Nobody knows where is would go, but we look at a reward vs risk that is supposed to make sense for a bull, as shown in the video below:
  • S&P Futures Technical Analysis for 30 June, 2022:

  • The S&P 500 E-mini futures (ES) was at 3820 yesterday's and we mentioned that the PoC (Point of Control) at apx. 3775 is probably next. That indeed happened and price further pierced the PoC to reach a little lower. Now the Emini is at 3771 at the time of writing
  • In light of a potential double support, as shown in today's technical analysis video below, it is time to consider a Long position with a an attractive reward vs risk ratio
  • S&P futures looks bullish from here ( 3771 ), despite the recent declines and looks good to rise from here, in my opinion
    • S&P Futures Technical Analysis for 29 June, 2022:
    • The S&P 500 E-mini futures (ES) did decline to 3820 as mentioned in yesterday's video (see below) and created a low at 3814, at the time of wrting (08:24, Wednesday, 29 June 2022, Greenwich Mean Time (GMT))
    • ES is at a junction so watch for a possible reclaim of the recently broken bull flag, and a bounce up from the VAH (value are high) of the market profile of the current trading range shown in the S&P future technical analysis video below
    • If ES crosses down the round number of 3800, the PoC at apx 3775 is probably next. However, above if the Emini goes above 3843, bulls would regain full control. Traders should probably sit out to see where the Emini wants to go, with these aformentioned prices in mind
    • For further details about price levels, volume profile and the EMA20 we are looking at, please watch this video:

    S&P Futures Technical Analysis for 28 June, 2022:

    • June 28th S&P 500 E-mini futures (ES) 4-hour candles. We're looking at a top of a current range at 3,950
    • S&P bulls attempted to break through the resistance, but created a double top and failed
    • We outline in the technical analysis video below a volume profile for the current price range. It seems that the S&P 500 futures price will be declining towards 3800 to 3820 next

    “The main purpose of the stock market is to make fools of as many men as possible.” — Bernard Baruch

    So, remember, trade the S&P 500 E-mini futures at your own risk, and do not be foolish to do so without a stop.