The US major indices are closing sharply lower with the Nasdaq leading the way.

The final numbers are showing:

Some negative highlights for the day

  • Nasdaq has it's worst 2-day performance since Sept 2020 (down -4.8%)
  • S&P has its worst 2 day performance since October 2020 (-3.6%)
  • Dow was down 621 points at the session low

For the week,

  • Dow fell -1.00%
  • S&P fell -1.88%
  • Nasdaq fell -2.18%

The markets are certainly still on edge.

The S&P index tried for the 2nd week in a row to trade back above the 100 day MA earlier in the week, and failed. It is closing below the 200 day MA at 4452.13.

For the Nasdaq index, the highs this week, tested the high from last week at 14494.47.

Nasdaq tumbles