30 year yield
30 year yield reaches a new cycle high

The US 30 year bond has reached a new cycle high yield of 2.926%.. The current yield trades out 2.918% just off that level. That new high represents the highest level since May 2019.

In 2022, the low yield reached 1.875% early in January. The high yield today at 2.926% represents a near 105 basis point increase for the year.

Looking at the daily chart, the swing high from mid April reached 3.01%. Above that the swing high from early March was at 3.137% and other swing high levels come in between 3.2821% and 3.256% the cycle high from November 2019 reach 3.465%.

The 10 yield reached 2.822% so far today. That is just below the high yield for the week and the cycle high at 2.836%. The yield did move down to 2.648% yesterday and today before moving back to the upside.