FXDD combines traditional OTC FX with On-Exchange Equities and Futures on MT5. FXDD (www.fxdd.com), a long-established name in the Forex space, has launched what could very well be a game changing product. The company has closed the chasm that has always existed between the OTC market and Exchanges.

The forex brokerage business has been in existence for decades, and while global brokers may differ in terms of size, experience, domicile and marketing, their product offerings have essentially remained the same. Some have expanded their product lines from traditional OTC FX and CFD products to include single stocks, cryptos and more recently NDF’s, but the similarities are stark.

However, a trading world exists outside of this. A trading space with a much longer and richer history. That’s the trading of US listed Futures, Stocks and derivative products on regulated Exchanges like the CME and New York Stock Exchanges. The problem for retail and institutional traders has always been one of desk real estate and time management. Trading across multiple assets requires maintaining separate accounts and different trading platforms to access both worlds.

The demand for a true multi-asset platform has always existed. The persistent problem has been how to combine the two. Like most products, pure FX platforms that offer a single product face limited life cycles and may very soon be found on the endangered list. Today’s market with its new generation of traders demands diversification.

A one-stop multi-asset trading solution, mobility, and the ability to combine trading with investment. Millennials and Generation Z now make up the majority of traders and their needs are different.

They want streamlined tech, access to trending assets and economic freedom. They are also astute and will carefully consider the brokerage options available to them. FXDD has taken a giant step in that direction by introducing access to the New York and Chicago Stock and Futures Exchanges, side by side with the traditional OTC FX pairs.

FXDD, founded in 2003 with a long and impressive director level background on Wall Street, has bridged the gap. With the emergence of Metaquotes’ MT5 platform and its ability to accommodate multiple asset classes, FXDD has introduced its groundbreaking multi-asset solution over MT5.

This is a platform familiar to millions of traders. In doing so, it strives to combine a client’s trading activity with the white-hot trend of embedded investing. The trader is also the portfolio builder having access to all products on a single platform through one single account. The mobile features of MT5 provides an added benefit for those on the move. FXDD now allows you to trade on-exchange Futures and US listed stocks and ETF’s, and FX. All on one platform.

Emil Assentato, Chairman of FXDD, states “The trend towards and demand for multi-asset trading has become more and more apparent. With hundreds of Forex brokers to choose from, clients want more than just leveraged FX trading. Traders today also want to be able to invest, while investors want the ability to trade. We believe our multi-asset offering provides just that. The elusive solution to combining on-exchange with off exchange trading under one account, on a single platform.”

FXDD is a leading international broker that was founded in 2002 with the goal of providing its global clients with the best trading conditions and client support. Uncover true multi-asset trading, diversify your portfolio and rediscover the excitement of the markets.

For further information, please contact sales@fxdd.com.mt