Brent Donnelly’s am/FX is a clear and concise daily look at one or two important topics related to global markets. Brent talks macro, narrative economics, trading strategy, tactics, positioning, technicals, and market psychology as he covers whatever markets are in play. Topics covered include FX, crypto, stocks, fixed income, commodities , and macroeconomics.

Brent’s huge network of hedge fund, real money, central bank, and trading contacts give him unique insight into what is driving markets today and what will move markets tomorrow.


Each day, am/FX helps you surf the current narrative and puts new themes on your radar before they hit the mainstream. Brent offers actionable analysis, clear directional views, and real trade ideas with specific stop loss and take profit parameters.

Each am/FX is unique. Sometimes it’s a punchy, one-page comment on a timely topic. Sometimes it’s a deep dive explainer on a timeless theme.

Click on these four samples to see how am/FX will keep you on top of current global macro themes, and make you a better trader:

Economic and geopolitical commentary

Real-time currency trades and ideas

Advice on becoming a better trader

Inside look at what others on Wall Street are thinking

Brent Donnelly is President of Spectra Markets. He has been trading currencies since 1995 and writing about macro since 2004. Brent is the author of “Alpha Trader” (2021) and “The Art of Currency Trading” (Wiley, 2019). He writes a widely-read and highly-respected global macro and FX daily called am/FX. Over the course of his career, he has been a market maker, trader, and senior manager at some of the top banks in foreign exchange.

Brent has extensive experience trading currencies, FX options, stock index futures, NASDAQ stocks, and commodities. He is a respected macro thinker with the unique perspective of a senior risk taker. He has been quoted by or featured in the Economist, Real Vision, Epsilon Theory, the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Bloomberg, and CNBC.

Before joining Spectra, Brent was a senior FX trader at HSBC, head of G10 Spot Trading at Citi New York and a Managing Director at Nomura New York. He was also a portfolio manager at a major hedge fund in Connecticut for three years. He created and wrote a cartoon called ‘‘Daft Planet,’’ which aired on TV in Canada, and he dreams of one day winning the Man Booker Prize.

Here’s what other industry veterans have to say:

“Brent is a smart, balanced, and hyper-pragmatic trader. I have known and worked with him for years, and his constant search for new paradigms is what sets him apart.” – Jens Nordvig, World-Renowned Currency Strategist and Found of Exante Data.

“A must-read for anyone who wants to truly understand global macro trading and currency markets.” – John Mauldin, New York Times Bestselling Author and Chairman of Mauldin Economics.

“For years, professional investors have profited from Brent Donnelly’s daily insights on currency markets. Brent is my go-to source for color on the FX world, and his lessons have become and integral part of my investment process.” – Ben Hunt, Chief Investment Strategist, Salient Partners and Author of Epsilon Theory.

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