Brandenburg Jan CPI data now out 390 Jan

  • yy +1.7 vs 1.5% prev
  • Bavaria mm -0.7% vs +0.5% prev
  • yy 1.8% vs 1.7 prev
  • Hesse mm -0.8% vs 0.6% prev
  • yy 1.3% vs 1.7% prev

YY not looking so bad on 2 out of 3 but mm figs still awful.

I did warn earlier in the orders posr that buyers were lurking around 1.2330 on EURUSD and so it's proved. Now 1.2385 and chewing through a few offers. A faster move than I expected admittedly but sellers should hold this rally into 1.2400

Busy times again. Good two-way trading. Just don't get caught the wrong side of the extremes. i.e Don't chase it. Pick your levels then trade when the price is reached.

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