The latest forex reserve data from China was released earlier today

  • $3.33trln prev

Down by $99.5bln to the lowest since March 2012 as the PBOC intervenes to stem further yuan devaluation amid increasing yuan outflows.

2015 saw a decline in the world's largest forex reserves by over half a trillion US dollars, the first ever annual decline. December saw capital outflows increased to $158.7bln and over $1trln in total last year, seven times more than that which left in 2014.

Chinese authorities continue to threaten/carry out punishment to prevent yuan selling but at this rate of pace will face a really difficult task to keep intervening. Even with their level of reserves there comes a time when enough is enough.

Enjoy the rest of your week-end everyone and have fun watching the Super Bowl later if that's your bag. Sadly my 05.00 GMT starts here have put paid to my watching it live!