Conference Board consumer confidence for December 2019

  • Consumer confidence 126.5 vs 128.4 estimate. Prior month 125.5 revised higher to 126.8
  • The 3 month average of consumer confidence also comes in at 126.5. That is up slightly from 126.4 in the prior month
  • Present situation 170.0 vs 166.9 last month. Prior month 166.9 revised lower to 166.6
  • Expectations 97.4 vs 97.9 last month. Prior month 97.9 revised higher to 100.3

For the year, the low was in January at 121.7. The high was in July at 135.8. The index cents September has been flat. This month with trade deal and the stock market trading 2 new highs, I guess the confidence results are a bit surprising. Although present situation did move up smartly in line with those positive developments.

Consumer confidence