Bloomberg report

I can't see that number going anywhere when Senate Republicans were working on a $500m bill. I doubt this is a genuine attempt to make a deal rather than another attempt to play politics and cast the Republicans as holding up the stimulus.

Bill would include:

  • Airline and restaurant aid
  • New PPP funds
  • New small business aid funds

The headlines are just crossing, I'll have more details as they become available.

The House has already passed a $3.4T bill but they've come down to around these levels in negotiations and indicated an openness to go down further but Republicans aren't willing to go above $1T. Aside from the dollar figure, the contents of a bill may also vary widely.

On top of all this, the House isn't even going to be in session until the election and many members will be campaigning.

Update: Reuters cites the House ways and means chairman who says they're working on a $2.2T bill. That's closer but there's no way the gap with the Senate is bridged.