The US dollar is king of the hill so far, while most major currencies slide further against the greenback

The CAD is somewhat holding its own against the dollar. USD/CAD is at 1.2412 - unchanged on the day. This follows of course the hot Canadian employment data which was out on Friday here.

Meanwhile, the JPY rose a little in the last hour but it's still down on the day against the dollar and the loonie. USD/JPY encountered a bit of resistance near the 29 December high around the 113.40 level. Looking at the daily chart, we can see that there's a bit of a wedge that's forming in the pair and that's something to keep an eye out in the coming days/weeks.

As for CAD/JPY, the 2017 high is currently keeping the pair on a lid - but it remains underpinned as positive economic data from Canada and likely divergence in monetary policy is supportive for a higher loonie.

Other major currencies haven't done much on the day. A slew of decent data in Europe has hardly had any effect on the euro. It's still under 1.2000 against the dollar.

Meanwhile, the sterling, swissie, and aussie are just lower against the greenback on the day - since dollar strength is the main theme in trading so far today.