The buck was already on the way down and existing home sales gave it another nudge

Existing home sales is the next biggest number to new home sales and the drop was quite significant. If it was due to some new regulations then we should expect a snap back in the following months. It certainly seems out of sync with the trend

USDJPY fell to the next level of support around 120.65/75. This has been a level that's appeared through out the year

USDJPY daily chart

It's holding for now, and probably in big part to EURUSD finding things tougher the closer it tries to push towards 1.10. That in itself is because EURGBP is struggling at 0.7400

AUDUSD is slipping from 0.7350 to add to the mix

When you get many pairs hitting various strong levels it sometimes all conspires to halt moves across the board. Conversely, it usually only takes one of them to break hard to see a domino effect on the rest