Forex news for Asia trading Friday 16 June 2017

It was a day of waiting for the Bank of Japan policy announcement.

But ... there was some movement (this is Asia so it wasn't that much movement ... but still).

USD/JPY moved up above 111 in the Tokyo morning and sat above the figure for a couple of hours before setting off to establish a new session high just over 111.20.

Other currencies traded gently more or less sideways or a little, which help yen crosses. EUR, CAD, NZD and CHF were the 'more or less sideways' while GBP and AUD ticked up. Cable approached its overnight high but didn't quite get there.

There was very little in the way of fresh news during the session. On the US political front there were some changes mentioned on Cuba policy (to be announced Friday US time from Miami) but I didn't post on these, what currency do they use in Cuba anyway? (thats a rhetorical question BTW).

The People's Bank of China set the mid rate for the yuan (against the USD) much weaker today, and injected the most funds into money market via OMOs since January this year. There is some liquidity tightness in China ahead of the end of this month, the large fund injection from the PBOC today a sign they will be seeking to minimise potential disruption.

The announcement from the Bank of Japan came and, as expected, policy remained unchanged as did the economic outlook (the Bank did boost its assessment of consumption though). Yen remains little changed, USD/JPY is just off its session high.

Next up, Bank of Japan Governor Kuroda press conference at 0630GMT.

Regional equities:

  • Nikkei +0.76%
  • Shanghai -0.26%
  • HK +0.44%
  • ASX +0.23%