Forex news for Asia trading Friday 9 October 2015

Australia, New Zealand


The Dij on Greece

A subdued Friday in Asia on FX markets following the release of the FOMC September Minutes in the US afternoon.

There was not a lot of action, with 20 or so point movements pretty much across the board.

Early headlines from the Fed's Williams, & from the EU's Dijsselbloem had little impact.

EUR/USD ends the session mid-range, as does USD/CHF and USD/JPY. Cable its ticking along at the top end of its (narrow) session range. AUD/USD is a similar story, at the top end of a small range for the session around 0.7275. NZD/USD not quite so strong on the session, but it too is near the recent high.

Oil is a few cents stronger while gold has gained since a very early drift under $1140.

In the second trading day for the week in China the USD/CNY was set a fraction lower again, while stocks there are up small too.

Regional equities:

  • Shanghai +0.70%
  • Nikkei +1.27%
  • HK +1.77%
  • ASX +1.05%

Still to come: