GBP/USD has been on the slide: Early Tokyo FX price update ... GBP the biggest loser

And its gone further, its dipped under 1.2400 but is slightly above as I update

Chatter is its on concerns over the Scottish referendum proposals, which has been out and about for a few days now (but which hasn't gone away ever since the Brexit vote): Scottish government is seriously considering new independence referendum next year

The UK Times (gated) report over the weekend:

  • Nicola Sturgeon and Theresa May are heading for a showdown over who has the right to call another independence referendum and when it should be held.
  • As the prime minister prepares to head north to speak at the Scottish Conservative conference this week, it has emerged that the SNP government raised the issue of a second referendum at a private meeting with her administration on Wednesday.
  • The first minister looks set to call a vote by the Scottish parliament - following next month's SNP conference and triggering of article 50 - to strengthen her mandate to stage a second referendum.