Greece may consider 'bundling' its payments to the IMF.

Maybe they won't pay at all

OK, maybe they will

But, here is another alternative, pay, but late without penalty:

  • Obscure IMF rules allow Greece to clump its principal payments into one deposit that the government could ostensibly pay later in the month, without falling into arrears
  • Athens owes the IMF four principal payments totaling $1.7 billion in June. Should Greece seek to take advantage of the opportunity, bundling its IMF payments would buy Greece's government more time for negotiations in the deadlocked bailout talks.
  • An IMF spokeswoman declined to say whether Greece had made such a request or even inquired about the option.

Extend and pretend ... More at the Wall Street Journal (may be gated): Greece Could Bundle Its Next IMF Payments to Buy Even More Time. But at What Cost?