Starting 7:15 GMT

So what's that... A 30 minute warning.

Yep. These are going to trickle through starting from 7:15 GMT, all the way through to the 8:30 GMT release of the high impact GBP Manufacturing PMI release.

To come during Europe:

  • EUR Spanish Manufacturing PMI: ** v 53.1 expected and 53.4 previous
  • EUR Italian Manufacturing PMI: ** v 53.0 expected and 53.3 previous
  • EUR French Final Manufacturing PMI: ** v 53.1 expected and 53.1 previous
  • EUR German Final Manufacturing PMI: ** v 57.3 expected and 57.3 previous
  • EUR Final Manufacturing PMI: ** v 55.1 expected and 55.1 previous
  • GBP Manufacturing PMI: ** v 54.2 expected and 54.4 previous - The GBP sensitive high impact release

For Euro and Cable traders, these are obviously worth watching even if markets are going to have bigger fish to fry later on.

Take a look at some of the price action differences that we're seeing between cable and the euro:

As if there was any doubt before, but the decent HPI number earlier adds to the inflation argument on that side.