Courtesy of Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ

The 2016 calls are still rolling off the printers and here's 5 from BTMU

For 2016, we expect the following views to unfold in the foreign exchange market.

1) More strength for the dollar, but less than in 2014 & 2015.

2) Yen strength as the Tokyo policy influence fades.

3) Pound volatility, but on balance appreciation should win out.

4) Scandinavian currency undervaluation likely to ease.

5) Another challenging year for emerging market currencies."

They also listed their calls from last year, which they give themselves a small pat on the back for

"To recap they were 1) US dollar rally set to extend further; 2) Sell-off in emerging market currencies to intensify; and 3) Currencies of low inflation countries to come under renewed selling pressure. We covered just these three key views last year and these views certainly were some of the dominant ones throughout much of the year."

The view come courtesy of eFX news

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