Madame Lagarde on the US outlook

  • Inflation should hit Fed's goal by mid-2017
  • US growth prospects good in the near term despite Q1
  • Agrees Fed must be data dependant
  • Cheaper oil prices will keep boosting US growth
  • Better for Fed to wait even if inflation overshoots

I'm sure Yellen is writing this all down

Two's a crowd Aunty Janet (h/t @LorcanRK)

Comments on Greece also (of course)

  • Welcomes yesterday's constructive meeting on Greece
  • Says there's a window of time for Greece on creditor proposals
  • Looks forward to hearing the positions of Greek authorities
  • Endorses points made by Draghi yesterday
  • Greece payment bundling does not appear on the cards
  • Everything needs to add up for IMF on Greece
  • Is confident IMF payment from Greece will be honoured