Large fx option contracts rolling off today across a variety of pairs 17 May

Further to my daily post and various references throughout the session just another heads up before I head away.

EURUSD 1.1000 (1bln ) 1.1030-35 (898m) 1.1100 (1.2bln)

AUDUSD 0.7430-40 (AUD 667m)

USDCAD 1.3600 (USD 1.2bln)

A quick look at the session's price action will show you the shadow that these contracts are casting. EURUSD finding its way back to 1.1100 for example but also AUDUSD falling back from 0.7444 and USDCAD bouncing from 1.3579 to 1.3638 and sticking now around 1.3615.

I don't ever claim that these expiries are the only reason but just trust me and my past experience when I say they can't be ignored.

Remember that these are "vanilla" options so still in play right up to expiry at 14.00 GMT on the day even if breached in the meantime, unlike barrier options which cease to be once hit. The actual amounts can change right up to expiry.

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