…so let’s liven things up with a financial trivia contest. No Google allowed. Answer in the comments section.

Here goes: Name the Presidential administration in which the Treasury secretary said : The dollar is our currency, but it is your problem.

Answer: Nixon’s Treasury secretary, John Connolly (who was riding in the limo with Kennedy when he was assassinated. Ali takes the prize, with my deep admiration.

Next Question: What former Japanese finance official earned the nickname Mr. Yen for his ability to move USD/JPY with his frequent utterances to reporters?

Answer: Sakakibara is correct. Well done, Daniel.

New question: What treaty created the European Union and set the stage for the euro?

Answer: Maastricht is correct. The beginning of the end of my career as a trader of European Monetary System currencies…Lilac and Nicola rang in at the same time and both get credit…

Next Question: Who wrote the Greenspan biography that dubbed him the Maestro?

Lilac takes the lead with two correct answers. The Greenspan bio was written by famed sleuth Bob Woodward of Woodward and Bernstein fame…