Kavanaugh responds to accusation by Christine Blasey Ford

Over the weekend, Christine Blasey Ford, 51, came forward with a detailed account of an incident between herself and Judge Kavanaugh that that took place at a party when she was 15 and Kavanaugh was 17.

Ford claimed that Kavanaugh - who was drunk at the time - held her down and tried to remove her clothes while covering her mouth with his hand. She said that at the time she believed that he could "inadvertently kill me."

Kavanaugh is now out saying that the incident is "completely false" and "never happened".

Republican senators have called for a delay on the Kavanaugh vote until they can hear from accuser.

Another mess with "he said/she said" implications. It is just so ugly out there....

UPDATE: Kavanaugh goes to White House after accusations of sexual misconduct - White House official