S&P down 1.5%. Nasdaq down 1.35%

The US stock market is ending the day down on the day with the

  • S&P down -1.5% (down -31.18 points),
  • the Nasqaq index down -1.35% (down -68.57 points) and
  • the Dow losing -253.25 points or -1.43%.

All of the major indices are closing at the lows for the day.

Oil prices are taking the blame as prices once again tumble lower. The lead contract $34.72 down 2.22% on the day. The price did stay above the low from Monday, but bounces are shallow.

2 year yields fell to 0.988%, down 1 bp
5 year yields fell to 1.71%, down 4 bp

10 year yields fell to 2.228%, down 7 BP

30 year yields fell to 2.932%, down 7 BP