They do things a bit differently in Switzerland and national elections are no exception

Tomorrow sees Canada heading to the polling booths, as I highlighted here and Adam here, but in a less publicized manner the Swiss are in those queues ahead of them today

Polling stations have already closed and results are expected from 18.00 GMT. in Bern.

The anti-immigrant Swiss People's Party (SVP) is forecast to expand to 27.9%compared with 26.6% in 2011, according to a survey by gfs.bern for Swiss broadcaster SRG. The Social Democrats (SP) are seen winning 19.2%, up from 18.7 % and the Free Democrats (FDP) 16.7%, up from 15.1%


No party wins per se as we would normally understand it. Instead, the new Swiss parliament will elect a seven-person government on Dec. 9, with seats divvied up loosely on the basis of proportionality and strategic agreements among parties.

Despite being the biggest party in Switzerland's lower house, the SVP currently hold just one seat in government. The SP and the FDP have two member each, with the final two ministries going to the fourth-placed Christian Democrats (CVP) and much smaller Bourgeois Democratic Party (BDP).

The BDP post is held by fin min Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf, who acrimoniously split from the SVP nearly a decade ago, and should her party lose votes -- as is predicted in the SRG survey -- the SVP may target her seat.

Bloomberg has more here

I don't expect much impact on CHF at this time but something to bear in mind as always