Eamonn highlighted the victory in his wrap

  • lira firms to below 2.8 vs USD, up 5% and heading for biggest one day gain since 2008
  • 10-year benchmark bond yield fall to 9.24% vs 9.77% on Friday
  • BIST 100 share index +5.35%

Going for a snap election was a gamble, so soon after the Islamist-rooted AKP lost its majority in the June election but the AKP will have significantly more seats than the 276 it needed to rule on its own.

Now Mr Erdogan's plan to turn Turkey into a presidential state and concentrate more power in his hands will be back on the agenda.

Security was a big issue in the 1 November election, after an escalation of clashes with the Kurdish rebel PKK and Turkey's worst ever suicide bombing, which killed 102 people in Ankara.

The election took place because the AKP had failed to reach a coalition deal after the June election but up until then it had enjoyed a majority in parliament since 2002.

The BBC has more on the election, the second in 5 months, here

Erdogan- Gamble paid off and he's back in power