Here is my preview of the UK election on 7 May 2015. I've tried to cut through all the garbage and post 'just the facts'.

About the only thing I can't tell you is who to vote for. But ... what I'd be doing if I was a UK voter would be find out who Ryan and Mike are voting for (hopefully they are both voting for the same side else this won't work) and then vote opposite. Just to annoy them :-D

OK, here goes:

  • UK election is on Thursday (7 May 2015)
  • Polls open at 0600 GMT & close at 2100 GMT
  • There are 650 seats up for grabs
  • It could yield a hung parliament and lead to a vote on membership of the EU and once again flame Scottish secession debate
  • Polls are too close to call

With me so far? Good.

  • Ed Miliband's head of the opposition Labour Party says "This race is going to be the closest we have ever seen,". It is going to go down to the wire." Smart cookie.
  • Current PM Cameron says its close too, but without him in charge "All other options will end in chaos". Top salesman award to that man!

The lies so far, in summary:

  • Conservatives promise reduce income tax for 30 million people, cut spending to eliminate the budget deficit
  • Labour promises to cut the deficit each year, slap a higher income tax for the top 1% of earners

What's gonna happen?

  • If neither wins an overall majority, talks will begin on Friday with smaller parties to reach a deal
  • Cameron has been in coaltion with the Liberal Democrats for the past 5 years
  • Note - If a government cannot be formed there could possibly be a second election

The polls:

  • 7 opinion polls were released yesterday
  • 3 have Labour and the Conservatives tied
  • 3 have the Conservatives ahead by 1%
  • 1 says Labour has a two-point lead

Latest YouGov prediction:

  • Conservatives 284 seats
  • Labour 263
  • Scottish Nationalists 48
  • Liberal Democrats 31
  • UKIP 2
  • Greens 1
  • Welsh and Northern Irish parties 21

When are results available?

  • Exit polls will be published as soon as polls close, and most results are expected in the early hours of Friday.

What's GBP gonna do?

  • With any luck, its going to be volatile. Trade it with that in mind. Opportunity on both sides!