Comments by Tory lawmaker David Gauke

He's out in full force now for Theresa May as the public support continues. The pound is jumping as more and more ministers are coming out to pledge their support for May at the moment. Hammond and Hunt were among those earlier here. And now, David Mundell and Liam Fox are also out saying that he will support May in a vote later.

There's still plenty of complications to be had when it comes to a vote later though. Do be reminded that the vote later is for the Tory leadership. If May loses, she'll give up her position as prime minister as well but are there any credible candidates at the moment?

Not only that, Politico now reports that a new leader would have to pledge to leave the European Union with no deal if they can't get the backstop removed. And it would only take 7 Tories to refuse to accept such a notion for it to spark an election.