Over the weekend North Korea appears to have tested a nuclear bomb

Claims it tested a hydrogen bomb

  • & that it can be mounted onto an inter-continental ballistic missile
  • On Sunday (local Korean time) a 6.3 magnitude quake was detected in North Korea
  • US Geological Survey says at a depth of 10km
  • South Korea says the quake was caused by a North Korea nuclear test
  • This would be the North's 6th such test

Responses have been incoming:

The United Nations Security Council will hold an emergency meeting on Monday

  • For discussion of North Korea's announcement

Currency responses have been, in a nutshell, flows into yen and CHF and out of 'risk' in the very early hours of the week. Its now just after 6am in Tokyo so its still very, very early and liquidity is extremely limited. This early time on a Monday is the lowest liquidity time of the FX week.