On Saturday (in a newspaper interview published on Saturday) Fren Finance Minister Le Maire

  • proposed joint issuance of debt used to finance items such as the 750 bn euro recovery fund
  • and which would become a permanent European financing system

On Sunday, though, German Economy Minister Peter Altmaier said he did not support joint debt issuance. He did not slam the door permanently though, saying

  • it will take some years to spend the 750 bn EUR debt we have
  • The next steps will come after Bundestag elections and French presidential elections


Remarks from both came ahead of, and are jockeying for, a meeting between the ministers of Europe’s biggest economies on Sunday

  • this is an annual conference
  • held in southern France


Note that this joint debt issuance sort of proposal comes up from time to time and Germany is always reluctant (so far at least).